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AQSI is short for ‘Assessing and Qualifying on Social Impact of buildings’. AQSI is a tool to display the social impact of buildings and the built environment. The social impact in means of sustainable development is about all factors that influence both inhabitants and users of any building. We perceive the theme’s safety&security, health&comfort, maintenance, adaptability, accessibility and impact on the neighbourhood.

  [row] [column width="one_third"][button color="blue" size="medium" link="" target="_self"]request information[/button][/column][column width="one_third"][button color="pink" size="medium" link="#" target="_self"]keep me informed[/button][/column][column width="one_third"][button color="green" size="medium" link="" target="_self"]START Social impact tool[/button][/column] [/row]   AQSI helps an architect, consultant, developer and owner of any building to reveal hidden qualities, that are important to people who live or work in that building.