Motivation AQSI


The key to sustainability are people

Buildings are built for people to use them. Sustainability is all about People, Planet and Prosperity. People in focus, in balance with nature, both today and in the future.

Common practice differs. Arguments on sustainability relate to necessity, relevance, regulation and above all: objections . Concerning to buildings we address issues on energy-efficiency and the preferred construction materials. Key issue is a solid business case. That what we can calculate, that’s the reference for our rating systems. It’s fine for Planet and Prosperity, but what about the People?

The built environment has a huge impact on our sense of comfort, our health and the awareness of safety and security. The built environment affects our well-being. That’s what we call social impact. That impact is hidden to a large extent and it doesn’t influence the considerations about our homes, offices, schools and hospitals.

By using AQSI as an assessment-tool during design, realisation and usage, social impact of the built environment becomes visible and tangible and therefor manageable.


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