Using AQSI QuickScan (AQSI-QS)  provides a first, though solid, impression of the social impact of a building. That may be any existing building, the design of a new block or a renovation. AQSI-QS is specific suitable to register goals for the qualification of social impact in an early stage of design (program of requirements, sketch-phase). The diagram clearly shows the requested qualities and qualifications, in relation to the building-code reference. Thus AQSI-QS forms a valuable extra in your design process.


Typical use of AQSI-QS:

  • Presentation of social impact of any building or building design.
  • Program the requested level of quality on the assessed topics.
  • Register the present (lack of) qualities of an existing building prior to renovation or refurbishment.
  • Explicit qualities in design and materialization to building company or building management company.

In comparison to a full AQSI-assessment, AQSI QS clusters the topics of EN-16309. The link to the standard is fully respected, by following the same themes

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Information and quistions

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