onderhoudMaintenance and, in particular, the practicability of maintenance determine whether a building will permanently be able to fulfil the function required of it or whether its technical performance can be restored should a fault occur. The maintenance and maintainability aspect takes into account any consequences of activities required for maintaining the building in a state in which it can fullfil its designated function, both for users and the surroundings.

Important aspects when assessing maintenance and maintainability are the frequency and duration of regular maintenance rounds (including cleaning), painting, repairs, replacements and/or refurbishments, along with the usability of the building while maintenance tasks are being carried out. Also to be included is the impact on health and comfort for the users during maintenance. For example, what will be the effect on air quality? What about noise? What will be the extent and duration of the maintenance work, and how will the safety of users be guaranteed?

All in all, there are many reasons for reducing and controlling the frequency and extent of maintenance. Financial benefits will stimulate the application of durable, possibly demountable, building technology and materials that will reduce maintenance.