Segment-001-van-Brochure_AQSI_definitief-212x300The AQSI participants are various companies and agencies that each on his/her way support the social sustainability or participate to it:

  • The enterprices which support the Manifest Social Impact 
    They put in to social sustainability measurable and negotiable.
    Read and/or download the Download Manifest, July 2015


  • Participating companies in the AQSI database
    Companies can sign up for recording of construction products, building components and installation components in the AQSI database
    At this moment 4 companies are in AQSI. The flyer, on the right,gives an impression of how companies can unlock the social sustainability
    of their products via the AQSI database.


  • Developer AQSI tool
    AQSI is an open tool, developed by the Nieman Group on the initiative of ROCKWOOL and VACPuntWonen (the consumer organization).
    Nieman manages AQSI  and provides access to the tool for companies and institutions that want to make use of it and want to participate