Experience AQSI :



Workshop practising AQSI 

When you are interested in the ASQI tool it is possible to participate in the workshop parctising AQSI. In the workshop we wil tell you what the database is and who  /which products can be added.
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Participation in the database

AQSI uses a database. In it, we collect information about the added value that construction products, building parts and design elements can affect the users of a building. Does your product added value, users are better off in a building where your product is applied? Please inform about the possibilities of participation in the AQSI database.
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More information

If you want to receive detailed information or if you have questions, please fill out this form and we wil contact you.

AQSI was launched at Re-building the future on the 30rd of June 2015 and was presented at Building Holland 22 t/m 24 maart 2016